• Warranty
    20-Year Warranty Against Rust
    20-Year Warranty Against Color Retention
  • Composition
    Zinc-Alloy Coating, Polyamide Epoxy Prime Coat, Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Color-coat & an Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Clear Topcoat.
  • Services
    Duplex System
  • Example Projects
Our Duragalv® Hot Dip Galvanizing system for Iron and Steel with a Polyamide Epoxy Primer, an Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Color-coat and an Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Clear Topcoat providing improved gloss and color retention and anti-graffiti protection in a high performance architectural finish as well as a 20 year warranty against rust.


What is Colorgalv® 20 Best For?
  • Colorgalv® 20 is best for exterior steel applications where color is needed.
  • Colorgalv 10 and 20 are best for extending the gloss and color retention of your signature pieces.
  • The "Plus" coats are best when additional chemical protection, UV protection and/or anti-graffiti protection.
  • Colorgalv Marine® is a factory applied polysiloxane over our primer and freshly galvanized steel. This topcoat guarantees the best performance in coastal and submerged environments.


In the mid 1960's, Duncan Galvanizing recognized the architectural possibilities that painting galvanized steel could bring to the building community. We carefully researched, tested and then patented the Colorgalv process under US Patent No. 5641543. The result? We became the first galvanizer in North America to successfully paint hot dip galvanizing.

Since 1963, Colorgalv has been the gold standard for factory applied high performance architectural coatings. Available in any color and warranted for twenty years against rust, Colorgalv provides the architectural and engineering community in the Northeast with a long lasting metal finishing system that blends protective coatings with the aesthetics of architectural finishes.

Under the Colorgalv family, there are a variety of products based on the performance and warranty you need (for instance, you can add a clear-coat for anti-graffiti protection to any of these below as a "Plus". Click Here For Comprehensive Guide
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