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Galvanized Rebar
review / February 20, 2021
Galvanized Rebar: It Works
Galvanizing lengthens the life of steel and concrete structures enabling a huge conservation of natural resources by reducing the waste inherent with premature end-of-life.
Diplex Coatings
review / February 25, 2020
Duplex Coatings
Did you know that Duncan Galvanizing was the first galvanizer in the country to do Hot Dip Galvanizing and factory applied coatings when it introduced Colorgalv in the mid-1970’s?
Dunca Galv Awards
review / March 01, 2020
Awarded Projects
Duncan Galvanizing is honored to be a several time winner of the American Galvanizing Association's "Best in Hot Dip Galvanizing" awards. Here are some of our project award winners!
Venting & Drainage
review / March 05, 2020
Venting & Drainage
If you’ve sent metal to be galvanized, Duncan or other galvanizers may have asked you to include specific vent holes in the piece....
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