Corrosion Protection / Engineering & Design Support!
Corrosion Protection
There are many forms of corrosion protection out there, ranging from zinc-rich paint to hot-dip galvanizing. Even within hot-dip galvanizing, there are many options depending on your needs..
Drawing & Detail Review / Engineering & Design Support!
Drawing & Detail Review
With over 100 years in the galvanizing industry, we've seen just about all of the possible problems that can happen and we'd like to share our experience with you..
Specification Review / Engineering & Design Support!
Specification Review
Writing project specifications for hot dip galvanizing and protective metal coatings can be time-consuming and challenging, especially with the multitude of requirements you need to incorporate into your document...
Technical Seminars / Seminars
Technical Seminars
Duncan Galvanizing offers AIA CEU accredited luncheon seminars and plant tours for architects, engineers or any individual interested in learning more about hot dip galvanizing and factory applied metal coatings...
Fabrication and Touch-Up Seminars
Duncan Galvanizing offers the following seminars for Fabricators and Contractors interested in learning the latest industry techniques..
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