Duncan Galvanizing is honored to be a several time winner of the American Galvanizing Association's "Best in Hot Dip Galvanizing" awards. Here are some of our project award winners!

Whether an artful sculpture glinting under the sun or a sturdy bridge arcing over the waves of a rushing river, galvanized structures can be seen standing strong and corrosion-free across the continent. The AGA Project Gallery is a collection of galvanized steel case studies. Pushing specifiers to think outside the box, the gallery showcases the best applications utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Colorgalv®

    Balconies at Pier 4 Residences

    The architectural team wanted to make certain the finish on the railings would withstand the effects of continuous exposure to salt spray from the ocean.
  • Colorgalv® Plus

    Commuter Rail Transit Station Improvements

    The Agency has decades of experience with hot-dip galvanizing and has been a proponent of the process to minimize corrosion and maximize longevity.
  • Duragalv®

    Pacific Vision at The Aquarium of the Pacific

    One of the most interesting aspects of the project so far was the use of several hundred grout injected columns, installed about 60 to 80 ft deep in the ground to stabilize the building.
  • Duragalv®

    Encore Boston Harbor

    Encore Boston Harbor is a $2.6 billion project that includes a five-star resort with 671 hotel rooms and a world class casino.
  • Colorgalv®

    Café at Norman B. Leventhal Park at Post Office Square

    To ensure the planters and guard rail frames would remain maintenance free and aesthetically pleasing, the architect specified hot-dip galvanizing with a duplex coating system.
  • Duragalv®

    The Living Bridge

    The river is considered a harsh marine environment and the team was concerned the corrosive environment would ultimately destroy the steel platform
  • Duragalv®

    George Washington Bridge Re-Suspension Platforms

    As the busiest bridge in the world, located 600 feet above the Hudson river, age and salt have caused stress and corrosion to the suspension ropes. In order to re-suspend the George Washington Bridge without closing it to the 280,000 cars per day that rely on it as well as providing a safe working environment for the workers, a massive working platform was constructed beneath the bridge’s suspension cables.
  • Duragalv®

    Harvard Stadium - Soldiers Field New Stadium Handrails

    To match the enduring architectural style of Soldiers Field, hot-dip galvanized handrails were chosen for their unmatched durability and timeless aesthetics.