• Warranty
    20-Year Warranty Against Rust
    10-Year Warranty Against Color Retention
  • Composition
    • Base Coat: Zinc-alloy coat.
    • Prime Coat: Polyamide powder epoxy prime coat.
    • Topcoat: Fluoropolymer Powder Urethane Topcoat.
  • Services
    Duplex System
  • Example Projects
Our Duragalv® Hot Dip Galvanizing system for Iron and Steel with a Polyamide Epoxy Powder Primer and a Fluoropolymer Powder Urethane Topcoat to provide a high performance architectural finish providing excellent performance in gloss and color retention with a 10 year warranty for gloss and color retention as well as a 20 year warranty against rust.


What Is Colorgalv® Thermoset 10 best for?
  • Colorgalv® Thermoset 10 is best for exterior steel applications where color is needed.
  • Colorgalv Thermoset 10 and 20 are best for extending the gloss and color retention of your signature pieces. With 0 VOC Coatings.
  • The "Plus" coats are best when additional chemical protection, UV protection and/or anti-graffiti protection.


Designed for a wide range of applications, Colorgalv® Thermoset 10 can be applied over galvanized steel. Where a heat cured product is desired but a thin coat of a harder coating is needed to allow for architectural definition, Colorgalv Thermoset® is the right material. With Colorgalv Thermoset®, the color range is unlimited. Even small jobs can be given special colors.

Where extreme corrosion is a concern, Colorgalv® Thermoset 10, utilizing the Duragalv® hot dip galvanizing system as a base, is the ideal choice. Colorgalv Thermoset® is designed to be applied over a freshly galvanized surface. Colorgalv Thermoset® is available in a variety of formulations.
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